Star Wars Galaxies Reveals Player Created Quests Addition At SoE Fan Faire!


Star Wars Galaxy has made a major announcement here are the Sony Fan Faire

The game is introducing a new player created quest content addition to the game. The new addition will allow players to create their own content and distribute quests/missions on a holocron via the Bazzar or vendors! These holocrons will be craftable by players and a new character class that will actually gain experience as people play the crafted holocrons. The quests will be able to use unique characters available in the game, Vader, Hans Solo, and several others!

The quests have to be confined to planets, at least in the beginning, but there are plans to allow quests to involve space travel and space quests. When a person creates a quest they receive a percentage of the EXP each time the quest is completed. Quests can be completed only one time per holocron that's created, but quest creators can make a template and create the same quest many times. The creator of the quest must also assign rewards and credits that will be given to whoever completes the quest from their own coffers!

We're still learning more about this fantastic new system; and it's not entirely completed but we wanted to share this exciting update from the Sony Fan Faire!



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