Structure Demolition Day is coming!


June 5, 2007 is Structure Demolition Day on all planets in Star Wars Galaxies. Tired of the Rebel Alliance using abandoned structures as bases and safe houses, the Empire is instituting a galaxy-wide effort to remove deserted buildings.

Structure Demolition Day is Coming!

Demolition begins on June 5 and lasts until Darth Vader's calculated plan is carried out. If you value your house, hall, or other structure, now is the time to re-claim it before the first strikes of the demolition team reverberate throughout the galaxy. Reclaim in-game structures on or before May 29, 2007.

Whether you're a member of the Empire or a part of the Rebel Alliance, all eager citizens can benefit from destroying a condemned building targeted for demolition. Not only is this your chance to obtain rewards that can be used towards the purchase of rare items for your collection, but who doesn't like to blow stuff up?

All Condemned Buildings Must Go

Any house, factory, or player association hall that has been abandoned by its owner (since April 16, 2006), has been targeted by the Galactic Vacant Building Demolitions Crew for destruction. The Empire has decreed that these buildings cannot be accessed and must be destroyed. The building sign is marked in red as "Abandoned" to indicate the structure can be demolished.


Civic structures (player city buildings) and harvesters are not part of the Empire's plans. However, cities can lose registered citizens when residents' houses are destroyed. If a city loses the required rank needed for a structure, then the affected structures are removed but not specifically as part of the House Pack-Up effort.

Be a Part of the Wrecking Crew

Journey across the galaxy beginning on June 5, 2007 to find and destroy the identified vacant structures.

Once you see the sign with the red "Abandoned" text, click the radial menu and choose "Structure Management > Pack Up This Building" to initiate the bombing by the Galactic Vacant Building Demolitions Crew.


The ships of this very efficient crew will swoop in immediately and remove the structure before your very eyes!


Once a building has been demolished, it is packed up and placed into the owner's datapad. The structure will be available when the owner returns to the galaxy (upon account re-activation). Any vendors in the packed up house are also placed into the owner's datapad.

Demolition Rewards

Citizens who call on the Galactic Vacant Building Demolitions Crew are well-rewarded for their efforts.


Civilians who mark ten buildings for destruction receive the Junior Wrecking Crew Worker Badge. Hard-working citizens who clear out 100 abandoned structures are recognized for their destructive talents with the Wrecking Crew Manager Extraordinaire badge.

Not only can you receive badges, but for each successful destruction of an abandoned structure, you receive one reward point.

Reward points are redeemable at the Lucky Despot in Mos Eisley for in-game items that can be used for decoration.


Prizes include an Imperial painting, a Rebel painting, an INS-444 Holo-Pet Droid, CLE-004 Holo-Pet Droid, Xeno furniture, and other luxury items.

Set out in the galaxy beginning June 5, 2007 and get to work, or get out there now and save your structures!

May the Force be with you!


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