Star Trek Online Season Four Live


Season Four of Star Trek Online has officially gone live and brings a ton of great features and updates to the game.

The video above is a tutorial released today on the new Ground Combat enhancements. Other updates to Star Trek Online, include:

  • All weapons updated with new FX, audio and stats for a faster and more intense combat experience
  • Shooter Mode Option: toggle between Tab-and-Click Targeting ("Classic RPG") Mode and Point-and-Shoot "Shooter" Mode
  • Hotkey Functionality in Shooter Mode allows quick access to powers via shortcuts and mouse clicks
  • New and improved Kit Powers and additional weapons added
  • You will be assimilated: The Borg ramp up for their impending invasion with new assimilation and weapon adaptation tactics.
  • Access to more Sectors and Patrol missions for Klingons
  • Vivox Voice Chat integration to connect in even more ways with your Fleet and the entire STO community
  • Fleet Action (PvE) Queue improvements

Players can look forward to more great content all through the Summer, as well. For a full look at Season Four and more details on the changes to come, head to



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