GDC 2010 Exclusive Interview With STO Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich

Our staff at the STOWiki website was able to sit down with some of the folks from Star Trek Online during the recent GDC event in San Francisco! We were able to speak to Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer at Cryptic Studios for the game, and ask him some questions about the future of Star Trek Online and what's in store for players.

Here's a look at a few of these questions, the entire article can be found at STOWiki's GDC SF 2010 STO Interview!

As we let our readers know, there are brand new Special Task Force Raid Episodes for top-level players to play. Are there any plans for additional content for other, lower ranks?

Most definitely. We’ll be releasing new Fleet Actions with Season One: Common Ground, as well as a Lieutenant Commander Klingon Battle Cruiser. We obviously want to make sure our high-rank players continue to have things to do, but we still know the value of keeping things interesting early on, as well.

In our last interview you mentioned upcoming Klingon PvE content. Can you tell us more about this future addition?

In the very near-term, we’ll be opening up more Fleet Actions to Klingon players, as well as making Special Task Force missions available to Klingons who’ve reached the endgame. We’re also adding some more Star Clusters for them to explore. That’s just a beginning, though; we want to greatly extend Klingon PvE options going forward.

For a closer look at these and other questions visit the GDC SF 2010 STO Intervew at STOWiki!


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