Interview with Craig Zinkievich Exec Producer of Star Trek Online

Our Team at recently sat down with Craig Zinkievich, the Executive Producer for Star Trek Online, to talk about the most recent content release and what stage the game is in after it's early February release.

STOWiki: Who are you and what is your position at Cryptic?

Craig: My name is Craig Zinkievich and I am the Executive Producer for Star Trek Online.

STOWiki: What have you worked on in regards to STO?

Craig: Quite a bit! It’s my job to make sure everyone on the team has what they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. I also make a lot directional decisions about the game and help build consensus with the other leads on the team.

Content Additions

STOWiki: Congratulations on the launch of the game - Can you tell us about recent content additions, fixes, and things you're already working on since the release a few weeks back?


Craig: We just released some endgame Borg-themed episodes. These aren’t the Borg from TNG, either. These guys are faster, more advanced and even more dangerous than before. We’re planning on releasing more endgame stuff every couple weeks over the next couple months. In addition to all that endgame content, we’ve got some Klingon PvE coming, as well as a tier 2 Klingon cruiser.

We’ve also been doing bug and balance fixes as quickly as we can. We’re taking issues players have very seriously, and have been working round the clock to ensure their play experience is as perfect as it can be.

To read more from this interview visit the's interview with Craig Zinkievich!


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