Co-founder talks Casual; Star Trek Online not at risk

Perpetual's co-founder Daron Stinnett has spoken to about the recent rumour that Star Trek Online will be a more casual MMO; free to play but certain items will cost money.

Whilst Stinnett does not discredit the rumour entirely, admitting that there has been discussion about the idea of a more casual Star Trek Online experience, he is quick to say that no decision has been reached at this moment in time.

I personally think that MMOs need to be a better deal. Paying $200/year is a good deal for some but I don’t think that is sustainable for the category and certainly rules out a lot of people who don’t have the time to get enough value out of that expense. So we are discussing this issue internally. Unfortunately that discussion leaked and the characterization is incorrect. It’s also unfortunate that we have not yet come to conclusion internally so it is hard to present the real story since we are in the process of figuring it out. But I do want to reassure everyone that STO is still going, it is still a triple-A game, and we are thinking hard about how to make our efforts even more appealing with a lower barrier to entry than is the norm.

Despite the reassurance from the Perpetual co-founder that Star Trek Online will continue to be developed and there is no threat to it following recent troubles, many are concerned that the change in philosophy and the financial troubles that Perpetual have found themselves in may lead to the cancellation of the game or a bad impact upon the quality of the Star Trek franchise’ debut in the MMO market.


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