Fact Sheet and Trailer

Binge Gamer has published a Star Trek Online fact sheet which contains an overview of the information which Cryptic Studios revealed at the presentation in Las Vegas.

Also, if you've yet to see the debut trailer for the STO MMO, you can view it below:


General Information

  • Star Trek Online is set in 2409, roughly 30 years after the events of the 10th Star Trek film, “Star Trek Nemesis”. In the 30 years since the movie, many enemies have become friends, and some friends have become enemies. Specifically, the Federation and the Klingon Empire are at each other’s throats once more — as it should be.
  • Anything considered canon in the Star Trek universe (i.e. live-action TV, films) will not be altered, but STO will take “inspiration” from some of the non-canonical Trek lore (i.e. novels, comics, etc.)
  • There will only be two factions to play as at the game’s launch: The Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. However, Cryptic has promised that other factions such as the Dominion and Romulan Empire will become playable in the future.
  • Guilds will be included. They will be referred to as “Fleets”, and as your Fleet grows in size and posterity, your Fleet will eventually be able to build their own shipyards.
  • You won’t have to have a top of the line PC in order to play Star Trek Online (JW: But it’ll help).
  • Unfortunately, no Mac or Linux support at this time. But they certainly made it sound like they would add it later on.
  • Cryptic Studios is working with former Star Trek writers to help pen some of the missions and events in the game.
  • We can expect to see Star Trek Online in “less than 3 years”.

Character & Ship Creation/Customization

  • When you begin your game as a new Ship Captain, you won’t automatically be given the rank of Captain. You will have to earn your rank through play.
  • Your first ship will be rather small, and as you play through the game and complete assignments, you will be able to obtain larger vessels.
  • When you create your character, you will be able to select from a list of different species that include Humans (duh?), Vulcans, Bajorans, Ferengi, etc. If you want to try your hand at creating your own race for your character, you are able to.
  • Customization translates over to your ship, as well. As you complete missions and build up the skills of your character and crew, you will be able to customize aspects of your ship that include the ship’s nacelles and saucer, amongst other things.
  • Every Ship Captain (aka your character) will have a specialty, much like games like WoW have character classes. You will be able to specialize in things such as “Medical”, “Diplomacy”, “Navigation”, “Combat”, etc.
  • STO will not be a level-based MMO that will take hours upon hours of mindless, pointless grinding that would go against everything Star Trek stands for.
  • When you get your first ship, you will have to recruit your bridge crew. Your bridge crew plays a lot like pets play in other MMOs. They will be AI controlled, and as you play with them, you will have to increase their skill sets.
  • You will also be given a general crew which will be made up of several species. Depending on the race and position of certain crew members, you will get small bonuses towards your ship (i.e. smart races as engineers, strong races as security).


  • You won’t be confined to the already discovered universe. With Cryptic’s “Infinite Exploration”, you will actually be able to discover never-before-seen races and make first contact.
  • As you discover more races, you will get the opportunity to recruit them to your crew. Once they are a member of your crew, they could potentially “buff” your ship with upgrades to your shields, weapons, etc.
  • When you beam down to the planet’s surface, you will have to select which members of your bridge crew to take with you. Depending on the members of your Away Team, your mission will either go smoothly or be a terrible pain in the ass.
  • No word on whether the Prime Directive will come into play.


  • STO will have you fighting in space, on the surfaces of planets, and possibly on-board ships.
  • The space battles will be much more tactical than the MMO standard. You will be able to issue orders and target specific ship systems to disable the enemy vessel.
  • Ground combat will be much more fast-paced, playing like a third-person shooter.
  • PvP? Hells yes!
  • The game will be designed so that those of us with lives will be able to hold our own against those sad, sorry individuals who sink 60+ hours a week into their MMO.
  • “Outrageous death penalties” will be done away with. In other words, if you die or your ship is destroyed, you won’t go through hell and high water solely to get back to where you started.
  • Certain actions in the game may trigger dynamic events. In short, expect random events like a Borg invasion, or an outbreak of plague, or… something.


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