Squad Wars Kickstarter Hits the Web

Squad Wars is a new project aiming to take off through Kickstarter by END Games Entertainment, the team behind space combat MMOG Jumpgate and several other online games.  The concept behind this new arrival is having players able to get together an elite squad of mercenary space pilots, and work their way across the galaxy, gathering wealth, making friends and enemies, and making their name in galactic history.  Combat is going to be very uncompromising and super-intense, bringing back the hardcore PvP combat of earlier times.

The development team intends to use an agile approach, launching core features to get the game sooner into the hands of the community, and then allowing it to grow more organically over the years. Scenario-based, you'll be playing with one or more others to accomplish missions which will get you new ships, paint jobs, gear, and other types of loot.  The universe is also dynamic, giving players a real connection to their gameplay world!

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We're aiming to bring you best space-based dogfighting possible – to recreate all of the amazing moments from the greats: the incredible movies and shows we grew up with, and the armada of incredible space games that came out in the 80s and 90s. We want to recreate epic capital ship battles, fighter fur balls, nerve wracking runs where all hope rests on one last surviving ship against all odds. On top of that, we want to layer an intense territory control and bragging rights game that fans of any team based combat game can get into.

 Some example scenarios you can expect:

  • You love giant space battles. Two rival conglomerate capital ships are battling over a sector of precious resources.  Join a side in your spacefighter and help ensure the outcome in favor of your team, as the capital ships unload high tech weaponry and rip each other apart...
  • You love trading.  You just purchased some goods at an amazing price knowing you can make a killing selling it to another station. But first you have to get those goods through a hostile nebula. You create a delivery mission.  When the required number of players join up in the various roles needed, the mission begins. You either get the goods delivered or they are taken by pirates...
  • You love mining and the role it plays in the economy. You have leveled up your ship to be a top miner in known space. Queue up a mining mission and when the roles are all filled go get your ore or die trying...
  • Don't have a lot of time today?  Try to make the Kleinus Run in less than 5 minutes while marauding space pirates are on your tail!
  • You like playing something different every time. Queue up for all the types of battles and hop in the first available one, choose the right ship for the job and just have fun.

Gallery: Squad Wars Images

So far, this one of the first free-to-play online games on Kickstarter, and they're even letting backers have a HUGE say in initial content by way of content votes, naming privileges, VIP launch party invites, in-game credits, custom design opportunities, and tons of other crazy stuff.  Squad Wars has a $250,000 funding goal, their Kickstarter campaign ending May 19th.

For more information about the game, and on getting involved in this project, be sure to visit the Squad Wars Kickstarter page and their official site!


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