EverQuest Next & SOE Live 2013 Wrap Up with Jess

This year's SOE Live has come and gone, and Jess and James are now back from Las Vegas with tales of EverQuest Next, Landmark, and more! Check out the event's highlights by clicking the image above. Want more SOE Live news? Check out these resources:

Curse YouTube Channel: We've captured tons of panels and Q&As from SOE Live, ready for you to watch
EQ Next Fans YouTube Channel: They have loads of official releases from the event

EQ Next Fans: Commentaries, liveblogging, and more, all for your viewing pleasure
Curse SOE Live 2013 Coverage Center: Details on all of SOE's offerings this year

And of course, don't forget about the EverQuest Next and PlanetSide 2 wikis on Gamepedia. These player-driven resources are sure to help you on your path to greatness in both games. 


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