The Road to the SMITE World Championship Continues -- Up Next: Cologne & Atlanta Regional LAN Events

As we already know from the announcement a couple weeks ago, Hi-Rez Studios has recently unveiled the SMITE World Championship. This massive eSports event will feature the top SMITE teams from around the world as they compete for a gigantic $600,000+ prize pool, but first there's a long road to follow -- the video below outlines the Road to Championship:

More details on the World Championship and the events leading up to it can be found at this post. Coming up on this long road, we have a gigantic LAN Event in Cologne, Germany followed by its companion event for North America, which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.


July 26, 2014
ESL Studio in Cologne, Germany
Prize pool of $50,000
Features top four teams to emerge from the 10-week EU SWC Online Qualifying Series


August 9, 2014
Kessel D Stelling Ballroom in Atlanta, Georgia
Prize pool of $50,000
Features top four teams from the 10-week NA SWC Online Qualifying Series

These events will be livestreamed on Twitch -- tune in at, where you'll also find stream info, dates, and times.

For more details on SMITE eSports, head to, and don't forget about the SMITE Wiki - the premiere resource for all things SMITE!


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