Skyrim Video Highlight: Snoopey0's No Fall Damage Tip

Skyrim's terrain can be pretty tricky to traverse, and no doubt everyone has wished at least once they could take the cliff-diving, bridge-jumping shortcut to cut minutes off their travel time.  Wish no more, because YouTuber Snoopey0 has you covered in this video, which reveals that the shout "Become Ethereal" makes the user temporarily immune to fall damage!

Skyrim, by Bethesda Softworks, is a large, open-world role-playing game.  It is the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series, following Oblivion which takes place 200 years earlier.  Basic plot revolves around the hero's efforts to defeat a dragon god which aims to destroy the world, and is prophesied to do so.  Players are able to wander and explore the large playable land areas of Skyrim, putting off the main quest as long as they like.

For tons of mods for every part of the game, plus great tools for authors, be sure to take a look at SkyrimForge! Need assistance with items, NPCs, or quests?  Our SkyrimWiki has all the information you seek.


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