Curse Skyrim Mods Update & Challenge Deadline Extended! Deadline Extended!

Greetings, everyone! We'd like to announce that we've extended the deadline for our modding contest! The new deadline is now January 31st, 2012. We feel that hopefully this should give you all plenty of time for both the toolkit to be released, and for you to be able to create whatever you've envisioned over the weekend of Skyrim playing! The new announcement date for the Grand Prize $3,000 winner is on or around February 3rd.

Also, if you didn't know we are holding a twitter contest! Tweet #Skyrim15k to be entered to win a free copy of Skyrim! We will be randomly selecting a winner this friday.

Skyrim Mods Update!

Our database of Skyrim mods has had a fantastic amount of growth over the past few days! We now host a whole array of mods, so be sure you check them out!

Don't forget that we're also hard at work on getting Skyrim mods into our Curse Client! This means more happy mod users due to the ease of installing mods with the Curse Client and easier mod discovery for everyone!

So be sure to check out our database of Skyrim mods and head over to SkyrimForge to see what the modders are working on! Thank you for your support!

P.S. - Chef Lydia kindly thanks you for your time! :)


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