Invisible AVs and Failure to rez

We are investigating some asset problems which are causing some invisible avatars and object rezing failures. We are working to solve these issues as soon as possible. Update 8:55pm - The problems inworld seemed to have eased but we are continuing to monitor the situation overnight.

Thursday 7:20am - We are still receiving reports this morning which include invisible avatars and inventorys having problems loading. Please check back here for new news on the issues - we are continuing our investigation. Thank you.

Thursday 8:50am - There seem to be several types of invisible avatar reports coming in.

One type has been for an extended amount of time – several hours and since yesterday – please report these to so we have a solid ticket number.

Another type has been those just recently gone invisible – please try logging back into SL directly onto another region – either by flying there and then relog at “My Last Location” at the log in window or at the log in window Preferences/General tab type in a region name at “Start Location:”


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