Rusty Hearts: Reborn Expansion Now Live!

Now live from Perfect World Entertainment is Rusty Hearts: Reborn - the first major expansion for the action MMO.  Players can now experience the rebirth of this fast-paced anime brawler, which includes new dungeons, bosses, challenges, and more!

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"Rusty Hearts: Reborn is by far, the largest and most ambitious update introduced since the game first launched - and is packed with new content, features, and systems tailored towards both longtime veterans and brand new players,” said Senior Product Manager Mark Hill. "With so many additions and improvements, many of which were based directly on player feedback, we're excited to finally let players experience Rusty Hearts: Reborn for themselves."

Rusty Hearts is a free-to-play hack'n'slash dungeon crawler MMO with eye-popping cel-shaded graphics and some uniquely fun game elements.  To find out more, head to!


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