Zybez Price Guide & Exchange: Trade and Price Check in Old School RuneScape

With the popularity of Old School RuneScape some players are sorely missing a Grand Exchange, as smitten as they are by the rest of the game's offerings. Zybez has the solution: the Old School Runescape Price Guide and Exchange.

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There you'll find a list of recent changes, a helpful search tool, and for each item the latest known market price, high alch value, and history. On the right side, there are boxes to update the item's price and post your own offer.

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This community-driven project has really taken off since Old School was launched, with players worldwide submitting their trade requests and price checks for thousands of items. Hop on over and see for yourself if you're in need of some mercantile assistance!

For those who haven't played, RuneScape is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG, in which players travel throughout multiple kingdoms, regions, and cities by teleportation spells, devices, and public transportation.  Battle monsters, complete quests, and gather resources alongside an immense community!

In the newly launched Old School version, players revel in the golden age of RuneScape circa 2007 -- brought back by Jagex due to popular demand. Play free at

Gallery: Old School

Be sure to drop by, an amazing community resource for Runescape news and database content.


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