200 Million RuneScape Accounts Marks Milestone for Jagex

Today Jagex has announced that RuneScape now has over 200 million registered player accounts, marking a huge milestone for the free-to-play adventure MMO.  Originally released in 2001, RuneScape was one of the original pioneers of online multiplayer gaming and has evolved impressively over the years.  Check out this infographic which showcases the game's and the community's successes:

In celebration, the team has  designed a suitably epic in-game celebration for all. Additionally, a 200 million celebration microsite has been launched, featuring an interactive timeline detailing the game’s evolution over the past decade and a host of community testimonial videos. Visit the RuneScape 200 million website for more details and to download the above Infographic:

All residents of the RuneScape world are also welcome to take part in the in-game celebrations that will be taking place over the next three days. A brand new demon has been discovered, with the health of 200 million hit points! This epic demon can only be defeated with a unique weapon developed specifically for this landmark celebration, and successful demon slayers will be rewarded with a unique item.

RuneScape is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG, in which players travel throughout multiple kingdoms, regions, and cities by teleportation spells, devices, and public transportation.  Battle monsters, complete quests, and gather resources alongside an immense community!!

Visit for more information about the game, and be sure to drop by, the best source of Runescape news and content.


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