Jagex Outlines Big Plans for Runescape This Month

Jagex has announced some really ambitious and exciting plans for this November, which we're happy to bring you today. After last month's epic Runefest, it's great to see even more exciting plans for this month.

As reports it, the updates include:

Thanksgiving 2011

We're not done partying quite yet, although the turkeys of RuneScape have a different idea on how to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Captain Turkerton and his turkey brethren are planning a protest against their species being put on the Thanksgiving menu for another year! If their demands aren’t met, a turkey invasion seems imminent, and they're prepared to gobble up the land. Can you find a peaceful solution? Can you stand the thought of Thanksgiving dinner without turkey?

Free players and members completing the turkey event will be able to unlock the new Thanksgiving crest for their herald capes, which will also change the turkey emote if played while worn. Members will also be able to unlock a brand new turkey pet!

Re-working the Interface

We are continually re-working areas of RuneScape that we feel could do with a lick of paint. These improvements aren’t just about NPC models, environments and gameplay, though. They also relate to the main game screen itself, which we call the "top level interface".

The top level rework involves an overhaul of the interfaces that are used by players all the time. We are improving the style and functionality, and are introducing a new vibrant colour scheme. These changes include:

  • Brand-new info boxes, making examine messages and left click actions appear over the item your clicking on rather than hidden as a text message. No more checking the top left corner for NPC names - they'll appear next to your mouse cursor if this option is enabled.
  • New “stone buttons” (the ones you use to open your inventory, quest journal etc) with new icons (don’t worry; they’re based on the old ones).
  • A rework of the borders of the minimap, including a new “metallic” look.
  • New “trims” to the side panel interfaces themselves (like the inventory).
  • New Website

We’re undergoing a complete overhaul of the RuneScape website design, an example of which you can see in the screenshot below. The new design is a big departure from the current look and feel. We aim to capture the grand sense of adventure and exploration that RuneScape offers and bring that right out into the foundations of the site, while keeping all of the great features and information that you use on a day-to-day basis.

The update also features a brand new Slayer-centric dungeon, entitled the Polypore Dungeon. The most exciting feature being added, however, would have to be November's new quest, One Piercing Note. The quest is fully voiced, a first for Runescape. The voice acting includes dialogue and even a little singing and dancing!

Be sure to check out for more information on Runescape's latest updates and more.


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