Runescape: CoinShare and Grand Exchange Changes

Changes to CoinShare and Grand Exchange have been made in Runescape. Read below for the details.

Clan Chat owners now have the option to use CoinShare, an addition to the LootShare system that was requested by many of you on the Forums.

To start CoinSharing, LootShare must be activated on your clan channel. You can then choose 'CoinShare' from your Clan Chat Setup interface. It is an entirely optional addition.

CoinShare has no effect on the majority of items; they will still be allocated to members of the clan channel according to how 'lucky' they have been with previous LootSharing monster drops.

  • If you have CoinShare active, the following will happen if a monster drops something of great value, like a dragon chainbody:
  • The item is immediately put on the Grand Exchange, set at the current market price.
  • An equal amount of coins is dropped on the floor for each LootSharer. Each player can then pick their share up. The total number of coins is based on the item's lowest value on the Grand Exchange.

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