Runes of Magic Announces Aotulia Volcano Area!

Runes of Magic has announced a new zone; the Aotulia Volcano where the Malevolent Naga has been exiled for centuries! This new landscape was carved by flowing lava and the affects of the Naga can be felt in almost every corner of Aotulia!

Here's a look at the official announcement about the new Aotulia Volcan in Runes of Magic:

The contrast could not be more stunning. When the small group of adventurers — anxious to take the fight against the Naga to the Naga homeland — left the luscious and bountiful Savage Lands, they were confronted with a world of death.

Wherever they looked, there was not even a sign of the smallest patch of grass — even the desolated Dustdevil Canyon held more life than these lands.

But there was a reason for the sweltering heat. Under the command of the relentless Naga, gigantic war machines dug through the rugged earth. Fissures covered the ground. The air had a strong smell of sulfur. And in the distance, a gigantic volcano rose toward the sky, its glittering veins of fiery death stretching every direction.

Streams of lava — partly solidified, partly flowing as if alive — carved paths throughout the land.

Fire ruled here alongside the ever-exploiting Naga.

And of the small group of adventurers that made it to the Naga homeland, only a young Scout returned to report what was seen of the Naga and the terror in their homeland.

Things are heating up in Taborea: Aotulia Volcano is about to erupt. The new Runes of Magic zone is where the the malevolent Naga has been exiled for centuries. The next content update will open the gates to this new region, which is characterized by boiling lava flows.

Aotulia Volcano is where the snake-like beings were banished following their defeat in the war against the alliance of the elves and humans. Separated from the rest of Taborea by a magical wall, they've waited years for the opportunity to escape. After the barrier fell, the Naga conquered northwestern Taborea. And now, adventurers will finally have the chance to take the fight into the heart of the Naga invasion.

Once you leave the Savage Lands and are under the ashen skies of Aotulia Volcano, take your final steps on the way to the level 55 cap. Numerous quests will unravel the history of the desolate zone around the volcano. A gigantic city at the foot of the volcano and new dungeons await exploration.

Aotulia Volcano (check out our content page) will be open at the end of September, when the new content update is expected to be uploaded to the servers. For a glimpse of this new hot zone, check out the new in-game video in the video section.


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