Runes of Magic Announces New Goblin Minigame!

Runes of Magic has announced a new minigame that allows the player to become a goblin! To start the minigame players have to dress appropriately, rusted torn up armor is all the rave these days you know, and head down to the goblin mine. The goblins are looking for a champion, and if you're able to step up to the challenge you'll earn yourself access to the goblin treasure!

There's also a new video for the goblin minigame located at:,id91,goblin_mine.html

Here's a little lore and more information about the new Runes of Magic minigame:

Aslan Valley, High Noon

A man stood by the side of the road that meanders through the deep forests of Aslan. But this man was quite unusual. In fact, he did not look human at all.

"What is ye looking at?" he snapped at the passing adventurer.

"I am terribly sorry," the adventurer said. "But I noticed your clothes are a bit strange ... and ... excuse me for being rude, but you smell a bit ..."

"... perf'ly normal far a goblin," the creature rumbled, a mean grin spreading across his face.

The adventurer jumped hurriedly back and reached for his sword.

"Calm down, oi did nae mean to do ye any harm! Oi even got something fer ye," the goblin said, his grin growing even wider.

"Ye know, us goblins ha'e an old tradition," he said. "There's this game we play. Ye know, te find out who's the strongest of us goblins."

"And ... what does that have to do with me?" the adventurer asked, his grip tightening on the handle of his sword.

"Ach, that's easy! Ye just gi' me some wager an' ye can join the brawl. Should ye win, ye might get a title o' honor an' who knows, maybe e'en mo."

After a few moments pondering the offer, curiosity got the better of the brave adventurer, and he shook hands with the goblin. Following the goblin's instructions, the adventurer found himself in one of the many goblin caves, ready to face the challenge and win the title ...

... if only the stupid goblin outfit wasn't so uncomfortable.

The newest Runes of Magic minigame takes you into the exciting world of the green-skinned creatures you've only known as enemies — but no longer! Clothe yourself in goblin attire and face them in their dungeon.

Take part in a challenge that requires more than fancy dress! Only the bravest and wildest adventurers have a chance at winning the title of "Goblin Hero."

You also will get the chance to carry home the goblin treasure! Isn't that reason enough to put on the goblin outfit and dive into the fray?

Good luck! 


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