Runes of Magic Latest Updates and the Weeping Coast

The latest updates from Runes of Magic include a 50% off Marking Ink Announcement, news about Server Maintenance and Patch details, and a new Summer Shopping Fun 30% off campaign! This week we also saw the release of some news about the Weeping Coast. It looks like before the Elven Prophecy Expansion is fully enacted players will be able to play and visit the Weeping Coast! This area will be playable before the actual expansion hits, allow for level 52 characters, and introduce over 200 new quests to the game! A new trailer has been added to the video section of Runes of Magic and offers a glimpse at the new territory.


Here's more on the Weeping Coast from Runes of Magic:


"Stupid insects," the aging warrior growled, fighting his way through swampy puddles and flailing his arms to repel mosquitoes. His helmet's visor wasn’t helping.
"You should have listened to me," the mage said. "This potion of mine might not smell too nice, but it would have solved that problem for you."
The mage, who hovered millimeters above the slimy surface of the swamp, rolled up the sleeves of her robe and said with a smirk, "As you can see: not a single sting."
"Oh, do shut up!” cried the warrior. “Watch where you’re going, lest you tumble and land head first in this slurry."
But the mage grinned wider and giggled.
Exploring the newly discovered lands northeast of Ravenfell, the warrior and the mage saw exotic plants as high as mountains and marshes full of insects lusting for
the blood of wary travelers. And now they were stranded in this bog having been chased halfway through it by Tiktaalik, fearsome creatures that are half fish and half man.
Adventurers who had explored these lands before them had said something about a human settlement, which was where they were heading. The warrior and the mage

didn’t think it could be much farther — just behind those trees over there.

Maybe the humans in the settlement had a quest or two that would pay well. Maybe they knew more about the Trolls and the Naga and the other foul creatures roaming
these lands. Whatever the case, the warrior and the mage were about to find out.

Welcome to the Weeping Coast!

Before releasing “Chapter Two: The Elven Prophecy,” we’re making available a new zone: the Weeping Coast.

The swampy land with its branching channels lies northeast of Ravenfell, and dangerous creatures such as the Tiktaalik, Nagas and Trolls threaten passersby. With the introduction of the Weeping Coast, we will raise the level limit to 52 and introduce 200 new quests.

Scheduled for August, the release of the Weeping Coast will mark the beginning of the multistage launch of “The Elven Prophecy.”

A new trailer has been added to our video section and offers a glimpse at the new territory.


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