Runes of Magic New Ice Dwarf Group Instance Teaser Video!


Runes of Magic has announced a new instance: The Ice Dwarf Kingdom. The new instance is designed for players between level 35 and 40 and should be released in a few weeks, it is also designed for groups; so bring a friend!




Here's the official Ice Dwarf Announcement from

In Dragonfang Ridge lies an ancient fortress in ruins. Once a proud city, the walls and monumental stone columns now can only hint at the masterly architectural skill of their creators.

Deep below that lies a cavernous system of tunnels and subterranean galleries leading to the home to the ancient race of the Ice Dwarfs. Deep inside their realm a fire giant by the name of Thynos has taken possession of their most precious treasure, the "Font of Power". Now it's up to the players to banish this giant and spare the remaining inhabitants from a terrible catastrophe.

Coming in a few weeks time, this new group instance "Ruines of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom; will further expand the world of Taborea and introduce new challenges for level 35-40 characters.

To give you a first sneak peek, we have prepared a short video you can find it in our video section.


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