Runes of Magic 1816 Patch Announced - It's a Big one!

All kinds of new new things announced today for the next Runes of Magic patch. The patch will go live Tuesday at about 1 A.M. The patch will introduce guild halls to the game which will grant access to storage facilities and allow guild leaders to place furniture. There will be several new changes to damage calculations, Stamina to defense ratios, chance to hit percentage, and changes in the skills for each class. Remember to visit The Rom Wiki for the latest information on the new changes and how it will affect your gameplay!

Here's the official list of changes for the next patch from the Runes of Magic website:



New Content

  • Introducing the first iteration of the Guild Halls
    • Guild Halls can be accessed through the teleport gates in Varanas and the Obsidian Fortress
    • Guilds have access to extensive storage facilities and can place furniture.



  • The Combat calculation formula has been revised.
    • Stamina to Defence conversion changed
      All characters defence rating is based on their stamina attribute. Originally, all conversion values were identical for all classes. Now we have changed it according to the classes' roles.
    • Damage calculation changes
      The original damage calculation of skills was based on a percentage and point system. The new system is taking a few more factors into consideration like weapon DPS and casting time (e.g. magical attacks).
    • Chance to Hit
      The chance to hit calculation has been revised to make fights against opponents of a higher or lower level more challenging.
    • Changes in Skills
      We also made a few adjustments to several skills to fit them better into the new system.
    • The full details can be found below.
  • Runes (e.g. assembled with the Arcane Transmutor) have been increased in strength.
  • Positive adjustment of the equipment power leveling benefits
  • Certain items from Item Shop are now available as drops from certain monsters.
  • 1 vs 1 Adjustments
    • Hidden players are no langer visible on the minimap.
    • Fixed 1 vs 1 button on the minimap ring that wouldn’t disappear when minimizing the minimap bug.
    • The reset timer for irregularly leaving the 1 vs. 1 queue runs now 1 minute instead of 2 minutes.
    • After entering 1 vs 1 arena, the match starts now within 30 seconds - not 1 minute.
  • Adjusted the cost of using teleportation gates.
  • Added a "delete" and "return" message to the mail system.
  • The NPC Lehman will offer explanations on the use of powerstones.
  • Using the hearth stone after dying works again.
  • When using the aggregator, you now can preview the result before committing.
  • Magical Essences: Because of the actual numbers were getting to large, the values have been changed from 10000 to 1.




  • Mannequins will now correctly wear only their gender specific equipments.
  • Removal of "Flower Festival" items <st1:city> <st1:place> Cocoa</st1:place></st1:city> and Lover’s Passion.
  • Fixed a bug with the lottery system that caused inserted lottery ticket to be removed when moving items in the backpack.
  • Fixed broken fireworks.
  • Classes will now correctly gain bonuses from house individually.
  • Pets summoned by monsters will no longer have a higher level.



  • A bug that caused level 10-12 players not being able to see their tombstones (except in minimap) has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused ornaments not to be shown correctly when worn, has been fixed.
  • Fixed coloration of text in dialog window. Other players' texts will be displayed in white.
  • A crash-bug with the messageframe has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the "party lock" character display to disappear when changing zones has been fixed.
    • Players have the option to keep certain members of their party "locked" or focused on, so they can be healed faster etc. The bug that caused the display to be corrupted has been fixed


Mobs & NPCs

  • Armored Kasumille will now correctly spawn only once and also had its drop table changed.
  • Akuda the Cursed will now correctly spawn only once.
  • Blackmane Invader will now correctly not drop loot.
  • Anselve, Aisha, and Locface: Dropped sets have been modified:
    • These sets are no longer tradable.
    • Added additional set bonuses.
  • Black Hunt Season:
    • Lionde Huntclaw had its level reduced to 33 from 35
    • Klionde Huntclaw had its level reduced to 32 from 35
    • Kuinde Huntclaw had its level reduced to 34 from 35
    • Suborde Huntclaw had its level reduced to 31 from 35
  • Scripted monsters will no longer drop recipies.



  • Katrina’s dialog options have been adjusted to avoid irregular actions.
  • Quest "Aymi is not food": A bug which allowed multiple clicks on the box has been fixed.
  • Quest "Mage Who Did Not Return": Quest details have been modified.
  • Quest "Hard Profit Is Good Profit": The description now details the required quest items correctly.
  • Quest "Strange Request": The quest detail hyperlink has been fixed.
  • Daily Quest "Shabby Shoe": The quest details have been changed.
  • Increased the range of messages and quest scripts within the Mystic Alter.



New Combat System

Here's an overview on the changes made by the new Combat System:


1. Changes to Defence conversion


All Classes      1 Stamina = 2 Defence



Knight: 1 Stamina = 3 Defence

Mage: 1 Stamina = 1.5 Defence

Priest: 1 Stamina = 1.5 Defence

Rogue: 1 Stamina = 1.8 Defence

Scout:  1 Stamina = 1.8 Defence

Warrior: 1 Stamina = 2.3 Defence


2. Damage calculation changes


·         Physical Attacks calculation methods:

o        Used percentage system of main weapon

o        Point based

·         Magical attacks: point based

·         Healing: Point based

·         Damage over Time (DOT) / Heal over Time (HOT): ignored Defence, did not increase with better equipment.



·         Physical Attacks calculation methods:

o        Uses DPS system of main weapon

o        Point based + main hand weapon's damage + variable

·         Magical attacks: point based + spell's damage bonus (calculated using the casting time)

·         Healing: Point based + heal spell's bonus (calculated using the casting time)

·         Damage over Time (DOT) / Heal over Time (HOT): will be affected by (Magical) Defence and will increase with better equipment


3. Chance to Hit


                   Base = 100, each level difference = + or - 3%


                   Base = 99, each level difference = + or - 9%


4. Changes in Skills

A. Warrior

1.      Increased rate of rage gaining. Rage calculation = set variable + weapon speed.

2.      Reduce the rate of lost of rage over time.

3.      Surprise Attack can now be used during combat.

4.      Blasting Cyclone is now instant cast. Cost is reduce to 35 from 50. Cool down reduced to 10 seconds from 30 seconds.


B. Rogue

1.      Cost of Shadow Stab has been reduced to 20 from 30

2.      Blind Stab has its cost reduced to 20 from 30 and cool down reduced to 10 seconds from 15 seconds.

3.      Blind Spot has its cost reduced to 20 from 30

4.      Sneak Attack has its cost reduced to 30 from 50.


C. Scout

1.      Wind Arrow has its cost increased to 12 from 8

2.      Target Area has its cost reduce to 3 from 5


D. Knight

1.     Whirlwind Shield's damage will now be affected by the stats on the equipped shield.

2.     Holy Strike can only stack 3 times.

3.     Punishment is now physical based damage instead of light based and requires 3 light seals to use.


E. Elite Skill

1.     Warrior/Knight's Whirlwind Shield and Shield Bash will now be affected by the stats of the equipped shield.


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