Runes of Magic New Dungeon and Bosses in Kalin Shrine grows ever closer to releasing the new Kalin Shrine dungeon! The shrine will feature several new enemies including crystal tortoises that can bind players in ice for ten minutes! Regin himself, the final boss of the dungeon, can use black magic to summon previously slain bosses back to life to do battle with you! This dungeon should be extremely challenging and we look forward to it! Be sure and follow The RoM Wiki's Kalin Shrine page for more information as it becomes available!

Here's the official post:

The release is getting closer and we are adding more content to Runes of Magic.
Today we are proudly announcing a new high-level dungeon, that will be available for release, called "Kalin Shrine".

A group of of Lv. 50 players will find that Regin, the dark mage and his army of ghosts, rune guardians and grave robbers a tough challenge. There are the crystal tortoises which can bind players in solid ice for ten minutes - but they are nothing compare to Regin himself. His black magic can summon some of the already slain bosses back to life and bring them to his aid.

Adventurers mastering this quest and freeing the shrine from the evil influence, will be rewarded with booty in the form of rare armour. Moreover, many more quests around the ‘Kalin Shrine’ and will tell more about the ongoing story of Runes of Magic.


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