News and RoM Addon Authors Contest Update and Frogster Inc have been working together to offer RoM Addons authors in game rewards for hosting addons here at Curse. We've already dispatched thousands of diamonds, and we're comming up on week two of our contest. If you haven't had a chance to upload anything yet..don't worry it runs until March 1st! offered the following update about our recent contest:



About two weeks ago we announced the RoM Addon Authors Contest in collaboration with

Well the authors came through! The author community has posted a whopping number of addons in just two short weeks.

This week we're sending out the second batch of diamonds to reward those authors who have worked tirelessly to bring great addons to the community.

Didn't get a chance to submit your addon yet? Don't fret! You have until March 1st before the contest is over, and we've developed several links to help you out with your development!

LINK: Addon Tutorial
LINK: RoM Addons Section

LINK: Official RoM Forum


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