Trion Worlds Answers Community Questions in Latest RIFT Q&A

Trion Worlds has posted a detailed Q&A on their blog, fielding many of the questions that crop up most often in the RIFT community, including plans for the future of the game.

A snippet from the Q&A reads:

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Q: Are there any plans for additional sets of armor that aren’t purchased from a vendor?

A: We’re constantly adding gear to the game that can be obtained in a variety of ways — You’ll definitely see more dropped & crafted gear. At the same time, token vendors do have an important purpose. They’re a great way to ensure that people don’t get “Screwed” by the luck of the dice, never seeing upgrades at all. The best gear to wear generally comes from multiple sources.

Q: How many boss encounters are there in Infernal Dawn?

A: There are 7 different raid bosses in infernal dawn. Some bosses, such as Maelforge, are actually multiple encounters with their own rewards. In addition there are a few smaller mini bosses that also offer minor rewards for killing them.

Q: How is the feedback for the dungeon after several weeks of testing?

A: Infernal Dawn testing is going really well, and we’ve got a number of major guilds both EU and US helping us test out the encounters. It’s so nice to have such a dedicated and experienced group of testers since it allows us to get much better results (and quicker) then we did when we were working on Hammerknell and many testers were still pretty new to the game.

 The full Q&A features more questions and answers from the community, so be sure to drop by for that.

And while you have Telaria on the mind, be sure to check out Telarapedia, your ultimate RIFT resource!


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