RIFT's Milestone Year One Accomplishments & an Unforgettable Event!

RIFT's first year has come and gone, and the world of Telara has been growing nonstop.  Watch as the development team discusses the game's changes over the last year and previews plans for year two!

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While we think this is a place that RIFT is strong, there’s more we can offer and places we can continue to leap ahead to give you the best experience possible. We’re planning some great new things to roll out over the coming year.

It's been a massive first year for RIFT, in fact it's been what many gamers consider to be the best first year of any MMO out there.  Here's a rundown of all they've accomplished since launch, taken from an open letter by Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer of RIFT:

  • We released Ember Isle, the biggest zone in the game to date, along with the largest dungeon to date, Caduceus Rise.
    • Ember Isle was particularly important to us, since it showed off our ability to level up the look of world zones, and demonstrated an important iteration toward a new way of doing zone content – A way where dynamic content, events, and story quests are blended together more closely than what came before.
  • Five new raids debuted, for groups of both 10 and 20 players: River of Souls, Gilded Prophecy, Hammerknell, Drowned Halls, and Rise of the Phoenix.
  • Celebration weekends that provide a way to get your friends checking out the game easily, while adding bonuses to our esteemed subscribers.
  • Master Mode difficulty for one dungeon (as of the time of this writing) with more on the way soon (edit: NOTE! This post was written for translation before 1.7's release)
  • Alternate Gameplay Warfronts and Weekend Bonus Warfronts, Post-50 soft bracketing, PvP Rifts, and world PvP bonuses. And a new warfront entirely: Library of the Runemasters
  • A new world event every update, each with its own new zone event and frequently its own rifts
  • A new Addon system that enables creators to add some really great things to the game. From buff management, to custom layouts, to outfit management, to auctions, and countless others!
  • A new Costume system, giving you the ability to look like what you want to look like
  • A Veteran Rewards program that rewards loyal subscribers, and Ascend-a-Friend that gives us a way to say thanks when you get your friends on board
  • That is not even counting the hundreds of quality of life and playability improvements we’ve brought to the core game.

The rest of this open letter can be read here.  Also in celebration of this milestone year, the Carnival of the Ascended has kicked off with multitudes of bonuses and fun to be had all month long, with hours of new solo, group, raid, PvP, and crafting gameplay, and more event quests than ever before:

  • Carnival games
    Test yourself in many exciting games of skill and chance to win tickets to spend on carnival prizes.
  • Pummel the piñata
    Break festive piñatas scattered across Telara to collect rare rewards.
  • Relive history 
    The Herald of Heroes hosts an arena in Shimmersand where the Ascended gather in raid-sized groups to thrill audiences by recreating epic battles from Telara’s past.
  • A winner is you!
    Carnival of the Ascended is the most rewarding World Event ever. Here’s just some of the awesome loot that will become available as Carnival unfolds!
  • Anniversary tabard
    Stop by the carnival vendor in your capital for a free tabard that shows the other Ascended you’re here to party, available only during the World Event!
  • Return to Telara is back
    Eager to try out all the changes in RIFT 1.7? Between Mar. 8 and Mar. 14, veteran Ascended can return to their high-level characters. And since RIFT Lite is here, new players can already level all the way to 20 for free!
  • Subscriber bonuses
    Our amazing subscriber bonuses will be in effect all through the Carnival of the Ascended:

Do keep in mind that tensions can bubble over quickly if provoked...

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Parties are all fun and games if everyone gets along. But with Guardians and Defiant both invited, things threaten to become… heated. Troublemakers can attack the other faction’s parades, and each side is rumored to be working on a mighty champion to defend its revelers from harm. Even Asha or Cyril might join the party, inviting aggression from the enemy faction. Is such a powder keg truly safe with the forces of Fire and Earth still plotting on Ember Isle?

Learn more about all of the fun events in RIFT and the Carnival of the Ascended by checking out and RIFT Lite will let you experience the anniversary events for FREE, so be sure to head over to so you don't miss the fun!


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