RF Online goes free-to-play

Rising Force Online Goes Free to Play as Codemasters Online Re-launch Game


We have a new entry into the free-to-play market this morning, but it's not a new game at all. Codemasters sent out a press release this morning, announcing that their sci-fantasy MMORPG RF Online is now free-to-play. With the experience of switching ArchLord to this model - increasing the player base by 700% - Codemasters knew that axing the subscription fee from RF Online would no doubt benefit its growth.

Codemasters will be using a model similar to other free-to-play games to generate income. The Novus Market will allow players to purchase additional in-game credits for real-life money. Once players have purchased their credits, they can log in to the game and hit the shop to choose from a wide variety of potions that will enhance their characters, as well as a slew of different items.


“Moving RF Online to free-to-play game marks yet another milestone for Codemasters Online and the wider industry. We have proven with ArchLord that has been downloaded over 1million times the potential success that can be experienced and we are pleased to be in a position to re-launch RF Online using a similar model. We invite players from around the world to download the game for free and join us in Novus,” commented Ed Relf, Director of Marketing, Codemasters Online.”


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