Exclusive Armour set for every connect ticket bought

If you buy a ticket to Codemaster's Connect event you will get a full exclusive level 50 shirow armor set. Good or bad? You tell us.

Codemasters are delighted to announce that any RF Online players who purchase a Connect ticket will each receive a full, exclusive, level 50 Shirow armour set of their choice for one character they have in RF Online.

These armour sets were designed by the internationally renowned manga artist Masamune Shirow . Most famous for manga’s Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed, he was commissioned to design some RF Online armour sets, and the results are outstanding.

The armours can be viewed below and have been designed to provide an awesome look for each class in the game.

Every ticket purchased will enable the player to reserve one set of armour for a character of their choice, however tickets are limited so to be sure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer head to now to purchase your ticket.

Full details on how to claim the armour will be available at the event and on the website following the event.

See you at Connect!


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