Requiem: Eight new screenshots from the beta

We have eight brand new screenshots from the Requiem: Bloodymare beta! This MMO is not for the faint of heart.

Requiem is a Korean MMORPG. It is set in a fantasy world where years of DNA and Genetic warfare has turned the world into something not so different than it really is now, a world full of unstable beings with genetic defects bent on destroying one another. Enough of back story, if you want to know the background of the game, visit the official website.

Requiem 2008-01-31 00-17-03-14_t.avi_000016500 Requiem 2008-01-31 00-24-01-25_d.avi_000003416 Requiem 2008-02-06 17-40-58-49.avi_000008533 Requiem 2008-02-06 18-47-54-97.avi_000004600 Requiem 2008-02-06 18-47-54-97.avi_000014166 Requiem 2008-02-15 13-50-23-02.avi_000009166 Requiem 2008-03-06 22-16-52-32.avi_000020333 Requiem 2008-03-07 13-13-52-31.avi_000038466


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