Requiem: Bloodymare - The Turan Race

Check out twelve screenshots of the Turan race in Requiem: Bloodymare and some information on what they are all about.

The Turan Race fights with honor and virtue. They rely on cunning, speed and agility to do battle with the most horrifying creatures known to man. No wonder they are the representative race of Ethergia – no other race displays such valor in the face of danger.

  • Race: TURAN
  • Strength: Balanced strength, agility, and intelligence.
  • Weakness: Low resistance against magic.


Turans are the most balanced race of Ethergia, and although they don't have any distinctively outstanding strengths, they are renowned for their tenacity and solidarity. They are a rational race that upholds justice, preferring balanced and harmonized combat styles, quick movements, and agility over the use of brute force. They are also adept at learning the other races' abilities, adapting the divine magic of the Xenoas for their own use.

Combat Style:

Turans are average, in terms of strength and spirit, but they excel in agility, learning, and intelligence. These qualities enable them to learn and utilize a great variety of skills. They are a highly moral race, so Turans tend to use humane skills that do not unnecessarily torture their enemies in battle.

Relationship with Other Races:

The Turan and Bartuk races utilized fighting styles dependent on skills based on physical strength early in their histories. However, the Turans eventually began to also develop a more balanced combat style with moves that combine strength, agility and quick thinking since the Bartuks were physically stronger. During the era of the Xenon Empire, many Turans studied divine magic and became adepts. They are naturally opposed to the dark magic wielding Kruxenas, and are vulnerable to their magic attacks.

Job Class:

1st Job

  • Defender
  • Templar

2nd Job

  • Commander
  • Protector
  • Tempest
  • Radiant

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