Tripwire Kicks Off $12,000 Red Orchestra 2 Tournament

Tripwire Interactive has officially kicked off their massive Red Orchestra 2 tournament, with partners The Wild Bunch and Forgotten Honor. The tourney, dubbed Scorched Earth, got underway today and features epic battles in Tripwire's World War II based first-person shooter, Red Orchestra 2. 

"Scorched Earth" is a knockout tournament played in the Countdown gametype. With 16 teams entered from Europe and 16 from North America, the contest is now on to find the best in the world in this inaugural Red Orchestra 2 clan contest. The Scorched Earth tournament is all about teamwork and working as a cohesive unit to win the match but, at the same time, there is a sense of national pride as well, as each team battles to become the best in their region and ultimately the best in the world.

Alongside the glory and pride of victory is the promise of $12,000 total dollars in cash prizes! Be sure to check out the full tournament rules and a schedule of matches at


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