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>Strategies and tactics are commonly discussed in the Art of War forum. These tactics were submitted by FieldMarshall and you can read the discussion in it's entirety under Punisher Strategies. > >1. Indoors: Start off with a grenade (If you hit someone with a Plasma grenade they will loose over 50% of their health in 1-2secs) Then change to primary and try your best to finish off your enemy. If you don't want to turn off Auto Reload, you can always start in primary and finish your opponent with a grenade. Sometimes Frag can be good at this because of the instant damage. > >2. Around corners: If you have Audio-Amp it really helps (or Interlink) Check your radar, step back, then fire off a nade just as they pass around the corner. After that just finish your enemy with the 9mm. If you are in a tower try standing 1 staircase up while shooting grenades at your enemy as he passes around the corners. Shoot a nade and run up to the next corner, and repeat till you win. > >3. Jammer`s to your advantage: Don't underestimate the Jammer just cause Plasma is "the best". If you have Jammers loaded in your clip always use one before you enter an enemy door, those boomer-traps can be used on your enemy if you are lucky. And remember, Jammers take out enemy imps/radar making those pesky PS users loose their advantage. And of course it's great on deployables. > >4. Rockets on the Punisher: I haven't really used the rockets that much I must admit, they seem a bit weak. But I guess they can be good on Maxes if you don't have anything else. If you catch a max off guard shoot a couple of rockets into him, if he is chasing you. Try finding a corner (use speed to your advantage, the max can be slowed) then pop out and shoot another rocket into him. Just run around and repeat till one of you win. It also really helps if you have Surge. > >5. Rexo and Dual-Punishers: If you really enjoy the punisher you can load up a rexo with 2 Punishers (1 on each holster). Here's what I would do, 1 with Normal 9mm ammo/Plasma and the other with AP 9mm ammo/Jammers, making you equipped for most situations (unless you encounter vehicles, then you would just have to try and jammer them) > >6. Punisher & the Plasma: If you want the maximum Plasma experience you could load up your pistol holsters with plasma as well, (remember 2 plasma nades kills at least an agile) here's what you do for this little "trick". Equip a Plasma nade and hold your fire key (charging the throw) then, when you toss it quickly change to your Punisher (witch should also be loaded with Plasma nades in 2ndary fire mode) and fire away =) that's 2 Plasma nades in a very short amount of time. Of course the Thumper would do the same in 2 standard shots but we are talking Punishers here. > >- FieldMarshall Read more strategies here!


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