Sunderer to get a complete revamp, including a new name

Over on the PlanetSide Players website, the Devs recently announced that the Sunderer troop transport vehicle is getting a complete revamp, to try to re-introduce its use in the on-going battles across the worlds of PlanetSide.

Sunderer No More or Perhaps You Have a Better Name?

> The Sunderer is getting a full on revamp so it can barge through gates, blast enemies, and get troops into the action safely. From the cow catcher to mow through obstacles, to side machine guns to cut down the infantry, you're going to see a whole new animal on the battle field. > > With that said, the PlanetSide team feels that the Sunderer is a bit of a frumpy name and that could use a revamp as well so we're going to allow the players a chance to come up with some names that you all think would be suitable. Oh yeah, the names need to be empire specific too since we've added empire specific weaponry to each empire's Sunderer. Discuss it here!



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