Development Uplink - March 29, 2007

There's a new Planetside Development Uplink available on the Planetside Players website, discussing upcoming changes to the Sunderer, as well as the working names they have so far for each faction's variant.

> The PlanetSide development chat, which took place yesterday on the Stratics network, went well and we want to thank everyone who attended…Again. We had a pretty good amount of people who took a slice of time to come to the chat and ask some questions, it's always a good ol' time in them. I really think that the Stratics chats are useful for everyone to see where we are with things in development mainly pertaining to things that we don't always cover in these Development Uplinks. Oh yeah, you may want to break out your red pen and circle some dates because we've scheduled the chats 3 months in advance so you can expect the PlanetSide chat on the last Wednesday of the next three months barring any unforeseen issues like falling meteors...

To check out the full article, head over to the Development Uplink page.


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