Make way for the new Sunderer!

The PlanetSidePlayers site has a new preview of the Sunderer, explaining the new version of the vehicle in full detail. From the sounds of it, this once useless vehicle will soon be the premiere troop carrier on land.

Introducing the Juggernaut, Leviathan and Vindicator!

The Sunderer was examined very closely and it became immediately clear that it didn't have enough fire power. Two guns to protect eleven soldiers through battle lines??? That's just not going to get the job done. So we've added four more guns! Two of the four new guns will be mounted on the top of our newly created Base Crasher and were designed to be empire-specific. This will now provide adequate support incase anyone gets any funny ideas of following too close behind. To solve the issue of grunts running along side, escaping the fire arc of the top guns, we've added small caliber machine guns on the sides. Anyone manning these guns will be given an increased range to their Darklight Implant (if owned). To round out this new party bus, the driver will now be allowed to hop behind the wheel wearing reinforced armor, jam mines and jump on the horn if someone gets in the way. This is one heck of an overhaul!

Head over to the New Sunderer Introduction page to find out more.


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