Development Uplink - The Scorpion

There's a new Development Uplink over on the PlanetSidePlayers website - this time covering the Scorpion - a new Anniversary weapon.

The Scorpion is a missile firing weapon with a twist; it's nothing like has been in the game to this point. You essentially "lock on" to an area around your target, and then fire. There's a minimum of 50 meters and maximum of 300 meters for ranges that you can lock on to.

Once you've selected the area to lock on to(this is done manually, from the description, not automatic like the Striker), you fire the missile. When the missile reaches its target, it explodes into little bomblets that fly in a 45 degree V direction.

The Scorpion is sure to be an interesting addition to a grunt's arsenal, so head over to the Development Uplink page to check it out.


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