Development Uplink - What things may come...

There's a new Development Uplink available on PlanetSidePlayers today. The article discusses some upcoming additions to the game that they're working on finishing up, and will hopefully have finished and out the door this summer. There's also a special item being created for folks who attend the SoE Fan Faire.

We got caught up on everything going on with the state of development, new goodies are coming along nicely and we're getting close to wrapping up these projects. I hope to be able to help produce some trailer/teasers for the new content which hopefully can make it out this summer!

As far as the projects go, we're working on a cool item to give out for those who attend fan faire (no-it's not something uber game breaking, but it is cool none the less). We'll talk more about that with images and such at another time since it's not announced just yet. Let's say it's a cut above…

Head over to the Development Uplink to read more.


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