Big changes to Phantasm, Galaxy Gunship and Engineers!

The PlanetSide team is hard at work and paying close attention to feedback on the recently introduced Phantasm and Galaxy Gunship. They've noticed certain aspects of both vehicles that need changing and they're doing everything in their power to make using them an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone - not just the pilot and crew inside.

With that in mind, there will be some changes made to both vehicles in an upcoming update.

People have been using the Phantasm for things it wasn't originally designed for - like picking off softies on the ground - and this is being fixed. The machine gun will be removed so that it fits the intended role: a stealthed dropship.

Luckily not everything can be construed as a nerf in this update; the Galaxy Gunship is getting two buffs: it's getting more armor and the damage degredation is being increased to about 75% for certain munitions. Additionally, some of the guns on the vehicle are being buffed up to do more damage.

The update doesn't just include vehicles, though; Engineers are going to finally see progression to the rate they can repair vehicles and MAX units if they choose to go deeper into the Engineering tree than just the standard spec. Combat Engineers will see a slight bonus to their speed and efficiency when repairing armor; Assault, Fortification and Advanced Engineers will repair at roughly 100% faster than standard Engineers. This should be a very welcome change to players that like to fill the support roles in the game.

Head over to the Development Uplink to read more details about the update.


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