PlanetSide 2 Time Lapse Video Shows Weapon Scope Design

Sony Online Entertainment has unveiled a brand new attachment for the New Conglomerate faction in PlanetSide 2, but rather than just introduce the attachment wily nily, the team has put together this incredible time lapse video showing exactly how it was designed in the 3D modeling software.

Senior Artist Patrick Ho takes us through the design process in this video which he captured while designing the NC Scope 4X in his 3D modeling software. The video is sped up to show all of the design process in a limited amount of time, and Patrick provides some great insight as to what he's doing in the software and what he hopes to achieve with this new scope. Taking parts from previously built long-range scopes, Patrick crafts a totally new and exciting scope before our very eyes.

Check it out in the video above, and be sure to drop by for more information on the game!


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