Sony Online Entertainment Releases PlanetSide 2 Intel

Sony Online Entertainment has released a brand new video for PlanetSide 2 which takes a closer look at one of the games factions -- the New Conglomerate.

The video focuses on the character design of New Conglomerate soldiers as well as some of their equipment and weaponry. A little snippet on the New Conglomerate's backstory reads:

"The New Conglomerate value freedom above all else and see anything that encroaches upon freedom as an affront to their fundamental rights. Originally founded by some of the most powerful corporations on Earth as a political entity working against some of the restrictive policies of the Terran Republic the New Conglomerate's "spirit of opposition" has only increased in the intervening centuries."

"Now an empire in their own right they are in total open war with both the Terran Republic and the Vanu Sovereignty, seeking to free humanity from the tyrannical grip of the former, and defend them from the fanatical alien influence of the later."

The Terran Republic got their video feature and now New Conglomerate has received theirs -- it should only be a matter of time before the Vanu Sovereignty gets a chance at the spotlight, so stay tuned! 

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