Pirates of the Burning Sea is not Vanguard

In a recent post on the Pirates of the Burning Sea message boards, Flying Lab developer Rick Saada wanted to make it very clear that Pirates of the Burning Sea is not Vanguard when responding to a post questioning Flying Lab's decision to go with Sony Online Entertainment as the game's publisher.

Question wrote:

I noticed you spoke of Starwars and Everquest 1,2 But somehow forgot to mention Vanguard and what a Fiasco this game is. They too were independant they too had a partnership with Soe. In the end Soe bought them out fired their development staff brought in their own.

So what is going to stop them from doing it here ? Because I do not think flying labs realizes how much pressure Soe can put on them to sell. I call it making a deal with the devil they may think they are in controll maybe they will be for a time but when demands and deadlines come up and they cannot produce <Vanguard> they turn to the money <Soe> and here is where it ends.

Rick Saada wrote:

Actually, if you search around we've covered Vanguard dozens of times. As have many other sites. But to recap:

  1. Sony didn't kill vanguard, Sigil killed vanguard
  2. Sigil had an enormous debt load when they left Microsoft
  3. Sigil chose to ship when they weren't ready, not Sony
  4. Sigil drove their game into the ground, and went bankrupt
  5. Sigil fired all their employees, not Sony
  6. Sony was left to pick up the pieces, hire back some of Sigil's staff, and to try and save what they could of the fiasco brad mcquaid created.

As for us:

  1. We're privately financed with no external debt. Nobody is going to pull the plug on us.
  2. Sony isn't pushing us to ship, and doesn't want us to ship until we're sure we're ready. They're weren't happy with Vanguard's decision to ship prematurely, and don't want to see that happen again.
  3. We're not broke, and so aren't going to sell out for a song to 'save' the company.
  4. Sony has left us completely alone when it comes to design, development, and such, other than offering us use of their tools for localization (which are great, btw)

We're not Sigil. I'm not Brad McQuaid. Let it go.

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