Official Release Date Announced

Flying Lab Software, the guys behind the next-gen MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea have officially given the game a release date.

According to the guys at Flying Lab, the job of developing this MMO title has not been easy and they are glad they finally have a date set for the game to hit shelves and gamers. They have seen the family grow from a small group of people to well over 70 full time staff.

It’s been a very long trip. We started this project in the fall of 2002, so by the time we launch, Pirates of the Burning Sea will have been in development for more than five years. Even our closed beta program has been running since December of 2005, so that’s coming up on its two-year anniversary.

During that time we have grown from a handful of people to more than seventy full-time staff. The scale of the project has grown as well. When we started, there weren’t even going to be human avatars! Ports were just a menu where you clicked options. The whole game was much, much smaller and a lot less interesting.

"There’s still a ton of work to do and we’re hard at it," claims the post on the PotBS website but they feel that by January 22nd 2008, Pirates of the Burning Sea will be a finished product and on that day, it will be ready to ship to thousands of stores and hopefully plenty of gamers.

Is January 22nd a long way away? It sure doesn’t feel like it to us! But if it does to you, consider picking up a preorder box when they go on sale October 23rd. Besides getting a soundtrack CD to get you in the mood, you’ll get exclusive in-game weapons and an in-game parrot for your shoulder.

Oh, and you’ll also get to start playing on January 7th.

Yep! For two full weeks you can be in the game and playing your real character, learning the ropes, getting your economic empire spun up, and preparing for the bigger battles ahead.

Finally, John Scott Tymes, the Producer from Flying Labs wanted to thank everyone for supporting Pirates of the Burning Sea over the last few years.

Finally, I want to thank our community for hanging in there. Many of you have been with us on this journey for years. Some came early, wandered off, and returned. Others have shown up only recently. We’re grateful for all of you. From the start we have tried to be as open as possible about what we’re building. Interacting directly with our community has been a pillar of our development from the day we announced the project. Your feedback has helped us immeasurably and your enthusiasm has kept us inspired even when the going was tough. At long last, we’re almost ready to show you what all these years and tears and dreams have wrought.

So on January 22nd 2008, we'll get to sail the Burning Sea!


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