Ship Combat Accuracy Improvements

Good news! Patch 1.1 is scheduled to be out next week. As I've previously mentioned a couple of days ago, 1.1 brings a lot of changes to Pirates of the Burning Sea. The developers behind the game have decided to share even more information of what we can expect to see.

Version 1.1 has been published to our Testbed server and will be coming to the live servers next week. There’s a ship tuning change in this patch that’s significant enough to receive its own devlog.

Recently, it’s become apparent that there’s a problem in the cannon accuracy settings. The numbers are off by small amounts in several areas. Once they’re all added together, the compounding numbers make it so that many small and medium ships will win a straight up broadside exchange against large ships at close-medium range. While it’s important for small ships to be valuable, your first double-decker warship should not lose to a small ship in a close-range slugfest. We’re making numerous changes to accuracy values to help address this issue.

Basically, great news for all ship owners out there.


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