PDO Online Expansion Pack – Phoenix Nirvana Launched

Ingle Games Ltd. has announced that the highly anticipated expansion pack of Phoenix Dynasty OnlinePhoenix Nirvana will be ready for download next week.

Its unprecedented success and overwhelming popularity over the past few months have spurred the community asking for more features. Ingle Games Ltd. is delighted and proud to oblige to our supportive players’ request by implementing the Marriage System, Refining System, New Homeland Battle and a new series quest – Land of Wonder into Phoenix Dynasty Online. Here is the overview of the new Expansion Pack.

Marriage System

A lot of male players strongly request a marriage function to be implemented into the game since there are a lot of lovely girls in Phoenix Dynasty Online. So a marriage system is created. But there is no pastor or church for the wedding.

Then how to marry?

The marriage system is designed based on the traditional Chinese Marriage ceremony. You can experience a total different culture through the whole process, starting from making proposal to selecting a good date; from getting engaged to decorating your wedding; from sending wedding invitation to holding wedding ceremony. Your beloved one must be proud of you if you can complete such a traditional and meaningful wedding. GMs will hold activities to celebrate it, too! Couple names will be scripted in the Love Stone forever with the existence of the Phoenix Dynasty Online game.

Refining System

Crafting is one of the favorite features by players in Phoenix Dynasty Online. Players can get good equipment from crafting system. Now we have a whole new system to enhance the equipment: refining system. It enables players to enhance the basic attributes of their items. Players can make outstanding equipment by crafting and refining. It’s definite a fun to the crafters in game.

Land of Wonder Series Quest

It is an advanced series quest for high level players, to demonstrate their versed fighting skills and high coordination among teammates. You will be sent to a dreamy land after getting the quest. Then you should manage to talk to Court of Sentient Creatures first, where you learn your mission here is to retain the peace and harmony of the land. After that, find Seditious Lecturer and help him to drive away the Dreamtime Tyrant’s army step by step.

New Homeland Battle

Contribution Points are introduced here to suggest how much guild members devote to their guild. It is not only a great honor but also one of the requirements to ride on elephant, the mount unique to Bayer. The new expansion pack also grants new strategies for guild wars and provides new ways of accumulating guild activity points.

Ingle Games Ltd. also did a lot of improvements to make the game more enjoyable by adding new suits, mounts and items to the game. Adjustment are also been done to this game such as increasing experience gained from completing Zhou State main quests, adjusting guild war time from weekdays to weekends, adjusting opening hours of Tower of No-Regrets, adjusting PK rules, tweaking some skill effects, adjusting errand quests etc.

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Ingle Games will continuously introduce best free MMORPG to the players all over the world!


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