Presenting: The PAX Prime 2015 Curse Awards!

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Another PAX Prime has come and gone, leaving gamers everywhere with an even larger list of games to anticipate and play. Everyone put on a fantastic show at this year's event, but some stood out to us and have earned our highest praise: a Curse Award. Check out the list below to see what we're enamored with, and the results of our community vote for Best in Show!

We're Not in Kansas Anymore - Most Unique Game Setting
Pit People, The Behemoth

Faster than the Speed of Sound - Best Racing Game 
Distance, Refract Studios

Bashing and Brawling - Coolest PvP Game
Due Process, Enemy Crab Games

It's Super Effective! - Best Trailer
Interstellaria, Cold Rice Games

Something to Behold - Most Unique Gameplay
Eon Altar, Flying Helmet Games

Shut Up and Take My Gold - Coolest In-Game Items
Star Wars: Uprising, Kabam

Friendly Fire - Best Game to Mess with your Friends
Street Fighter V, Capcom

I'm All Out of Gum - Most Bad-Ass Protagonist
Bombshell, 3D Realms

So Scary I Wet Myself - Scariest Moments In-Game
Through the Woods, Antagonist

All Aces - Uber TCG of the Year
Nova Blitz, Dragon Foundry

Build it, Break it, Loot it - Best Use of Imagination in Gameplay
Eco, Strange Loop Games

Build an Empire - Coolest Strategy Game
Stonehearth, Radiant Entertainment

Flawless Victory! - Most Likely to Inspire a Completion Run
Hob, Runic Games

Do a Barrel Roll! - Most Interesting AI Companions
Hyper Light Drifter, Heart Machine

Music to My Ears! - Best Soundtrack
Timespinner, Lunar Ray Games

Arrow to the Knee - Most Brutal Attack Sequences
Dark Souls 3, Bandai Namco

Finally, we're happy to announce the results of our Best In Show vote! Thousands of community members weighed in on which game should earn our top honor:

ARK: Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard

After seeing all of our picks, we want to know: What was your favorite game of PAX Prime? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, Enjoy the Game! Plus, check out all our PAX Prime 2015 coverage on this page.


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