The OUYA is Here!

Today marks the official launch of OUYA, a teeny little cube that will change the way developers interact with the gaming market! OUYA's main draw is that it will support any developer and any project. More than 17,000 game creators worldwide have already registered to make an OUYA game, from indie companies and solo fliers, to the AAA companies we all already know.

Jess managed to get her hands on one -- here's what's included:

  • Console: A sleek 3” x 3” cube of brushed aluminum, OUYA features an open OS with custom interface built on an NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset that delivers fast performance, amazing graphics, and surround sound in 1080p HD.
  • Controller: Designed specifically for OUYA, the controller features all the button combinations for a truly immersive game play experience, including two analog sticks, D-Pad, eight action buttons, a system button, touchpad, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Games: With more than 170+ games already available for download on the system, OUYA’s ever-growing game library covers every game experience imaginable, including ChronobladeBeast BoxingFinal Fantasy IIISaturday Morning RPGNo Brakes Valet, and Sega’s Sonic games. All games are free-to-try. No more discs, and you own your games forever.
  • Apps: OUYA fans can access their favorite streaming video and music apps including content directly from, Plex, XBMC, TuneIn, Crunchyroll, iHeartRadio, and many others.
  • DISCOVER Store: OUYA focuses on discovering the most fun games. Games are organized by player engagement, plus an ongoing roster of guest curators share their favorite game picks.
  • MAKE Channel: An evolving channel that uses OUYA’s built-in software development kit to enable creators to build and test games, later allowing a direct relationship with OUYA gamers through the system.

OUYA is now available for purchase in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. through retailers Amazon, Best Buy, GAME, GameStop, and Target, and on for $99.99. Additional controllers will retail for $49.99.  Through these retailers, consumers can pre-order OUYA today.

Quote from
“It’s incredible to think that a little under a year ago OUYA was just an idea -- we wanted to do something completely new in console gaming: build a $99 game console, with no discs to buy, open to all developers, and affordable to all gamers,” said Julie Uhrman, CEO and co-founder, OUYA. “Today, OUYA is real. Console gaming has never needed something new more than it does now.”

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