Hands On with Indie Game, Q.U.B.E.


This year at E3 the Curse team has really been enjoying the IndieCade where a handful of indie games are featured. It's got a cool vibe because the developers are standing right beside the game they've been creating and are so excited to have people there playing.

Q.U.B.E., which stands for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, is a puzzle platformer created by Toxic Games out of the UK. The player can influence the environment by manipulating the colored blocks. Some blocks simply go up and down, some are bouncy, while others create stairs. It's a simple mechanic of left clicking to make a block go up and a right click to make it go back down again, but the puzzles quickly get more and more difficult to solve.

The game is very clean and has the feel of a Portal test chamber. I could easily see myself getting sucked into this game as long as the puzzles continue to be as clever as the ones that I got to play. I just wish I had been able to play through a few more levels. There was no word on when it would be available, but I was told that it will be distributed through Steam, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Check out the Q.U.B.E. demo reel above to get a feel for the unique gameplay.



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