Competitive Gaming comes to ESPN

In what's being billed as "A Historic Day For Major League Gaming" on MLG's website, Major League Gaming has teamed up with the leader in sports broadcasting, ESPN, with an exclusive content agreement that will see ESPN televise the entire 2008 Pro Circuit.

ESPN will also be providing coverage of the ciruit, with a team of reporters on hand at every event to provide analysis, interviews, and scores and stats.

“ESPN is committed to serving our fans, and we recognize the growing popularity of pro video gaming,” said John Kosner, senior vice president and general manager, ESPN digital media. “Adding MLG content to our already comprehensive offering will help us continue to deliver the best news, information and entertainment to our growing gaming audience.”

“Pro video gaming offers sports fans everything they love about sports—great teams, break-out personalities and stars, and exciting competition,” said Matthew Bromberg, President and CEO of Major League Gaming. “MLG’s digital properties now reach over four million fans a month, and millions more follow the League on TV, mobile devices, and X-Box Live. We’re excited to build upon that audience with ESPN.”

It looks like competitive gaming has finally hit the mainstream with this deal -- something that isn't really surprising, considering the current state of video gaming and its rapid growth beyond the hardcore gamer, introducing gaming to a new sector of would-be gamers, both pro and casual alike.

To read more about this announcement, head over to the MLG press release.


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