OnLive Mobile App Launches for Holiday Gaming

Readers may or may not be familiar with the name OnLive, the on demand game service that launched just last year. OnLive is essentially competing for a spot in the home gaming console market but their approach is vastly different from any other service.

OnLive is a cloud gaming service, meaning no downloads. The games are streamed directly via the Internet to your console, with surprising quality and speed. The team launched their platform in multiple formats; a home console, a PC application and on MAC computers. In the past couple weeks, however, OnLive has launched a really neat mobile application that allows you to stream on-demand games right from your Android- or iOS-powered phone or tablet.

The application is free although you still have to pay for games, and is available now in the Android Market and on iTunes. We had a chance to check out both the application and the home microconsole and we must say that we are surprised at how smooth games played and the level of graphic quality is remarkable. The OnLive Marketplace features a ton of AAA releases as well as a plethora of smaller, independent titles. Most games come with a free trial, so get out there and check it out today!

The mobile application can be found in the Android Market and on iTunes - if you're looking for more information on the home gaming micro-console, check out


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